Bruce Leighton

Bruce Leighton is a composer, producer and audio engineer. He studied music composition and instrumental performance (bass) at Berklee College of Music in Boston, and opened Data Stream Studio, a computer based music production studio, in San Francisco in 1985.

"Being involved with digital music production since its earliest days has given me the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of this new art form, step by step, as it has developed. Technology should be a transparent window through which we work on your music."

During the next six years, in collaboration with Scott Stone, Data Stream created commissioned works for choreographers Sheri Alley, Anne Bluthenthal, Mary Reid, and Gary Palmer, and sound tracks for productions by United Way, Levi Strauss, and Apple Computers.

In 1992, Bruce met rap producer Gentry Reed (aka Blackjack) and was introduced to hip-hop production, at which point Data Stream changed direction, becoming "home base" for many of the Bay Area's local rap/hip-hop artists, some of who are featured on this page.

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